The following stories have appeared in other publications.

Investigative journalism

Humans need to learn to co-exist with wildfires. Here’s how we can do it.

2015 Was a Year of Global Warnings

A River Ruins: The Great Mississippi Flood of 2011

Prawns in Peril: New Orleans environmental lawyer may be doing more harm than good

Big Oil’s ‘Natural Climate Solutions’ Feasibility Overblown, Critics Say

After Losing a Similar Case, BLM Sued Again Over Climate Impacts of Oil and Gas Leases

Long-form journalism

Cities Can Be Lighthouses for Curbing Emissions

Renewable Are Clean but Carbon Capture Systems Aren’t

How to Build a City for the Future

Sustaintech & smart infrastructure IoT reporting

UPS Drives Market for Drop-In Renewable Fuels

TransitScreen Helps Commuters Make Smart Transport Decisions

Future of Broadband Is Multi-Gig Services

Low-Cost Tunable Optics Will Drive New Generation of Fiber Deployments

Where the IoT Will Go From Here

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